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It’s your health… It’s your choice!

Health By Choice Located in New Enterprise, PA

We are an integrative natural health and wellness clinic located in Bedford County, PA. We have been serving the community for over 45 years in nutrition, chiropractic care, homeopathy, and a whole host of other means. Our dedicated team of practitioners work with our clients to create a truly customized plan to meet all your health goals. Whether you are looking to feel better, increase your immune strength, have more energy, overcome chronic pain, or fight a specific disease diagnosis, we can assist in developing a wellness plan for you. Take charge of your health and wellness by contacting us to learn more about all the amazing services we have available to you and your family. After all… It’s Your Health… It’s Your Choice!

We are happily accepting new clients. Please call our center in New Enterprise, Pennsylvania at:

I grew up over the mountain, and I had been to see this doctor 20+ years ago when he was practicing in Ebensburg. Now I’m back in town visiting family and needed a quick adjustment. It was a great experience. lol! Steve McNeal (chiropractor) is very knowledgeable, very informative and has his patients’ REHABILITATION in mind. It’s refreshing. The place offers a lot of other holistic / wellness products. It’s a little bit of a drive outside of town but worth the trip!
Health By Choice is a wonderful facility that really dedicates time to customers with a wide selection of professional supplements. Plus there's complimentary tea and coffee!