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Who We Are:

Health By Choice is a full service natural health center with Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Chiropractic doctors on staff along with Certified Clinical Healthcare Practitioners who collaborate to create custom wellness programs for their clients to attain their wellness goals. Health By Choice is an integrative health care center, specializing in nutrition with a CLIA licensed lab. Our retail store offers a wide selection of professional supplements recommended by our Naturopathic Practitioner including select homeopathic remedies. We’ve been operating since the 1970s and continue to push the boundaries of traditional medicine with an integrative approach.

Our Mission:

The mission of Health By Choice is to promote the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit by encouraging our clients to:

Services We Offer

Wholefood supplements & Homeopathics

Each product is evaluated for its effectiveness, efficacy, and ingredient sources. Here are a few of the companies we have chosen to assist you…

A Healthy Shopping Experience!

Many of our clients who choose Healthy By Choice are beginning a new way of eating. For this reason, we have carefully crafted diet plans and shopping tips to help support our clients and customers with their dietary restrictions and allergy sensitivities. We also offer in-house mail order fulfillment for our clients living across the state, to across the country… Anywhere and every day!

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